Highway Development Stage 1 & 2 (Mixed Use Development)

Highway Development Stage 1 & 2 (Mixed Use Development)
Early Contractor Involvement: Design & Construct


West Tower: 28 apartments


East Tower: 28 apartments

ALDI Supermarket: 2300m2

Specialty Retail: 350m2

Townhouses: 7 community-titled townhouses

Carpark: 10,000m2

Road Upgrades: upgrade of 2 major DPTI-owned roads in Marion Rd and Anzac Hwy


The Highway Development Stage 1 West Tower was the first stage in a mixed-use development in Plympton. The building was originally designed as an off-form concrete structure with post-tensioned beams and Trespa facade panel system, providing 28 apartments over five levels with under croft car parking and utility areas at ground level.

Following the completion of detailed design, the project was tendered, with all return process exceeding the Principals budget. In late-2014, the client extended an invitation to Cook Building under an Early Contractor Involvement to see if the project could be revitalized. Through this involvement, Cook Building lead a full review of the entire project masterplan (3 stages) with a specific focus on value management options to help bring the price back to within budget.

Cook Building undertook cost plans on multiple scenarios including structural systems, facade treatments, finishes options, supply chain options and apartment configurations.

Due to the success of Stage 1, Cook Building was again utilised by the Principal under an early contractor engagement for the development of Stage 2. This involvement was more detailed than that in Stage 1 with the requirement for major utilities upgrades and DPTI road upgrades. As this project had Major Project status from S.C.A.P, Cook Building managed the conformance with Gazetted items whilst liaising with major authorities including SAPN, SA Water, APA, DPTI and local council. Following the satisfaction of the wider stakeholder groups and appropriate value management solutions implemented to meet budget, a contract was agreed in December 2018. The project was constructed on budget and 3 months ahead of the allocated construction period.